Politics: Entertainment, Government, or Both?

Guest post by David Hennessey, CWL Resident Ensemble Member “You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.”—former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, The New Republic, April 4, 1985 Early in Ibsen’s political satire, The League of Youth, Chamberlain Brattsberg, an established and powerful civic leader, is quite taken with the recent charismatic speech of Stensgaard, […]

Creating a Mystery

Most of you know, and perhaps have met, our amazing Ibsen adapter Jeffrey Hatcher. Jeffrey has created the last six editions of our Ibsen productions and will again this year with The League of Youth. What you may not know about Jeffrey is that he is an accomplished author of his own plays and screenplays. Jeffrey’s […]

New and Improved

We’re back, baby! After a season-long disappearance of exploring the possibility of blogging through our Facebook page, it has been decided (by yours truly) to return to this page in an effort to pass along news of an artistic nature from the Commonweal. Hooray, am I right? A new title is currently in the works […]