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Drama Unfolds is the blog of the Commonweal Theatre Company. It is our mission to enrich the common good through actor-based storytelling which is both transcendent and relevant.

The staff at the Commonweal are here to share stories and we have plenty of them.

By reading and subscribing to Drama Unfolds, you’ll learn the behind the scenes details of making theatre in rural America. Everyone at the Commonweal is an artist AND an administrator. The person that you purchase tickets from at the box office in the afternoon may very well be the same person you see onstage that same evening!

We’d love to share our story with you.

Thanks for visiting and we sure hope that you will return!


Drama unfolds where the Root River bends

Since 1989, the professional artists of the Commonweal have brought to life soulful stories told with honesty and creativity. Located in the heart of southeast Minnesota’s bluff country, Lanesboro (pop. 788) is home to the company’s new theatre in its historic downtown. The company boasts a distinctive organizational model with resident ensemble members (who have come from all over the country to make their home in the Lanesboro area) fulfilling the day-to-day artistic and operational needs of the company as artist/administrators.

The heart of the Commonweal’s programming is the main stage season. This balanced yet challenging repertory is comprised of five plays with more than 200 performances, chosen from among the world’s finest classic, contemporary, and emerging playwrights. Because Lanesboro is located amidst a high concentration of Norwegian-American families, the Commonweal produces the works of Henrik Ibsen annually, and remains the only theatre company in North America with such a commitment.


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