27 Nov
by Jeremy van Meter

GratefulAs I sit in the office of a theatre company within a small Minnesota town, I am grateful to be here now. I am thankful for my situation and that my path has brought me to a place of security and satisfaction in so many things. There is a strong sense of gratitude in my home and the person with whom I share that home.

As I think about this season of thanksgiving and because of the play currently onstage at the Commonweal, “The Last Night of Ballyhoo”, I’d like to share the thoughts of Rabbi Ted Falcon on the idea of being grateful and giving thanks.

The following is courtesy of The Huffington Post Online:

“Jewish tradition urges us to begin with thanksgiving, and bring that to the world.

It was Meister Eckhart, the great Christian mystic, who said, “If the only prayer you say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” The gratitude we bring to the world has the power to transform that world. When gratitude begins within ourselves, it is a truly powerful spiritual path.

Try using the words “thank you” when you rise and when you go to sleep. Repeat them silently and gently as a focus for meditation. Greet each perception, each sensation, each thought and each feeling with “Thank you.” It’s a Thanksgiving Day mantra for every day.” — Rabbi Ted Falcon

We here at the Commonweal have much to be grateful for. There is thanksgiving among us for “new beginnings and the birth of nephews”; “cherished time with a very special person on his way out of the world”; “hot coffee and dark chocolate sea salted caramels.” We are thankful for our homes and the unconditional support of family and friends, an artistic home that continually inspires and that each breath we take is done in a place where the air is clean and the sky is blue.

We are also thankful for the support of you—our great friends who have come in the door of the Commonweal this year. There have been special memories made this 25th year at the Commonweal and we are grateful, now, to have shared those with you.

Happy Thanksgiving and may all of you begin and end each day with thanks.

One Response to “Grateful”

  1. Janine December 12, 2013 at 8:06 PM #

    Indeed! Thank You!

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