“The Memory of Water”: The Theory Behind the Title

3 Oct

“And they decided that this meant that water was like magnetic tape. That water had memory.” — Mike in The Memory of Water

Director Alan Bailey explains the phenomenon behind the title of The Memory of Water.

Dr. Jacques Benveniste is a medical doctor who has discovered certain scientific properties of water which defy explanation by the tenets of mainstream physics. 

“When you add a substance to water and then dilute the water to the point where there are no more molecules of the added substance left in the water, you can still measure effects of the water as if the originally diluted substance were still present. There was a technician in my lab who accidentally diluted more than she thought, and realized that for the amount of molecules that were left there shouldn’t be any indication of the original substance. But there was. We kept diluting, and the action kept coming back. So we knew we had a new phenomenon. ” — Dr. Jacques Benveniste

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