Sherlock Holmes: Fun & Games

3 Aug

Strolling through the Commonweal lobby has, since 2007, been an adventure. For the run of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, that lobby is even more of an exciting and unusual experience. 

We have filled the theatre lounge and lobby with various games and contests to truly get theatre-goers into the spirit of the game. Sherlock, as the ultimate gamer, would be quite proud. The challenges include: 

  • Name That Sherlock

    Name That Sherlock

    A “Name that Sherlock” contest. On one wall of the lounge there hangs a photo gallery of famous actors who have portrayed Sherlock Holmes over the years. The challenge is to match the name to the face for a chance to win a very special prize. 

  • A  scavenger hunt that leads you through the building. Correct answers upon completing the hunt are entered in a drawing to win two season passes to the 2014 season. 
  • An activity sheet for kids.
  • A Lobby DVD including Sherlock trivia questions. 
  • The Determination of Sherlock

    The Determination of Sherlock

    And brain twisting puzzles on each cocktail table in the lounge. 

We have been having a great time with this enhancement initiative but the biggest payoff is how engaged and energized audience members are getting before even experiencing the performance! This is, in the end of it all, part of the mission of the Commonweal; that it is more than a play that brings our audience to the theatre—it is the experience. 

If you’ve yet to join us for a performance of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, the invitation is open. Who knows, you might just crack one of the challenges and find your own inner Sherlock!


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