Keeping with tradition…..

21 Dec

Closing the door on one score and four

An end-of-year poem by David Hennessey


In March, our apprentii took complex looksFall 2012_cropped_feathered

At the fallout produced by contentious books,

Which we followed (of course)

With celebrations Norse:

Our 15th Ibsenfest easily hooked


Into themes of immigrants on Bernick’s ships

To America. Next, just four actors clipped

Through many miles

Of dialect styles

In British isles. Then a dapper trip

To a wedding in Philly where champagne flew,

Paired with a story of dreams a boy drew

In second World War,

Hidden in the floor.

We’re closing with Scrooge in visions anew


Of steam and machines. Behind the scenes

Volunteers ushered, sewed and helped clean;

Our grant-money rolls

Exceeded our goals;

Full-time stage manager joined us. Wow, she’s been

Busy! Plus, launching Food Drive, we watched it grow;

And our word pictures helped the blind see our shows.

So now we’re in gear

For our 25th year.

Join our party next season: we’re set to go!Commonweal-Silver-Coin


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