Farewell to “The Philadelphia Story”

25 Oct
Compiled by Jeremy van Meter

In late May, we gathered as a cast and crew for the first time. After four and a half months onstage, through 50+ performances and delighting over 6,000 audience members, we say goodbye to The Philadelphia Story tomorrow evening (10/26). And so, as we bid adieu, here are the things that we will miss the most from our time in Philadelphia.

Katie Berger (Dinah Lord): I will miss singing and tap-dancing my heart out on stage every night!!

Paul Steffens (George Kittredge): I’m going to miss the propinquity the cast and crew developed.

Gary Danciu (Sandy Lord): Working with seasonal company members, Jackie Wolter and Thom Pinault. 

David Hennessey (Seth Lord): Listening to the lively audience reaction, after they’ve sat through 30-plus minutes of exposition, to Dinah’s animated tap dance scene. You go, Katie!

Thom Pinault (Uncle Willie): Rambunctious Camaraderie.

Catherine Glynn (Tracy Lord): I will miss the laughter generated on stage, back stage and off stage in the audience–from the opening joke about how to spell omelet, to my wild ride of a curtain speech.

Jeremy van Meter (CK Dexter Haven): I will truly miss the joy of performing this character with this group of actors. 

Ana Hagedorn (Elizabeth Imbrie): I’m going to miss coming together as an ensemble every show during warm-ups. It was an amazing reminder that we are all there for each other. 

Jackie Wolter (Margaret Lord): The Girls dressing room antics.

Ethan Bjelland (Thomas): Dialect, the jammin’ soundtrack, and dishes.

Daniel Stock (Macauley “Mike” Connor): There are many things but the small moment that I will miss the most is at the top of the curtain call. We have navigated our way through the show successfully and as we are entering to take our bows, Jeremy and I make eye contact and I give him a thumbs up. It’s a small thing but still quiet memorable and I will miss it. 

And for one final time simply because I appreciate it so much….

One Response to “Farewell to “The Philadelphia Story””

  1. Commonweal October 25, 2012 at 3:04 PM #

    I nearly forgot one of our most important persons. Carolyn Fast (Stage Manager): I will miss working with such a diverse, talented, hilarious group of people!

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