Alumni Update: Carl Lindberg

3 Oct

I’m loving Chicago.  After leaving Lanesboro, I’ve worked professionally as an actor, director, and designer in California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Illinois.  This year I have decided I need to focus my efforts in Chicago to build my local network.

I have worked at several Chicago companies, from the tiniest of storefronts on a shoestring (Theatre-Hikes, Suitcase Shakespeare), to some of the upper crust companies (Lookingglass, Remy Bumppo), plus some in between (Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, Provision). Theatre here is vibrant and welcoming, and at the same time bursting at the seams and somewhat over-saturated. I’ve performed indoors, outdoors, on stage and on camera, in beautiful theatres and at the Renaissance Faire. The dressing rooms are equally dynamic! Oh, were we spoiled at the Commonweal!

For all of the “yes’s” and bookings, there are many more “no’s.” I attend several auditions a week and am truly pounding the pavement. The metaphorical roller coaster is speeds toward and through many peaks and valleys, and twists and turns.

I haven’t done any directing in Chicago… yet. I’ve got a couple lines in the water, worms baited, fish biting and I’m hoping to direct a show, maybe two in 2013 here.

I also signed with an agent here, Paonessa Talent Agency, and Marisa and Sam are delightful and thoughtful and working hard for me and many others. I am hoping to begin booking more on camera and voiceover work with them.

I miss you all and Lanesboro and its bluffs and the unique opportunities available only at the Commonweal. Thankfully Scott Dixon still lets me play Fantasy Football!
For the most part, I keep my blog updated with happenings:

I hope this finds you all well!  



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